An orphaned human bard, hailing from a monastery in Althier


Daisy has never known her family or her parents. She was found on the steps of a monastery in Althier, where she was raised by the nuns of the church. It was there that she learned her trade, both officially and unofficially in the church. She sang and played her pipes to entertain visitors to the monastery, while in the nights she learned more nefarious and illegal trades.

Eventually, Daisy was recruited into the Lukanta expedition as a scout and diplomat, which she has proven extremely adapt at thus far. Negotiations with Saffiya of Abzan Tower, various nomads through the Basin, and with the Halflings of Yon Village.

Daisy is both idealistic and somewhat pessimistic. She carries great ideals but does not want to be beholden to them. She is not afraid to use the betterment of society to better herself. Money is quite valuable to her, though she has not yet resorted to outright theft in her journeys.

-It is not known how Daisy learned her thieving trade, or her knowledge of the Thieves Cant.
-It is not known how Daisy was approached to join the expedition into the Lukanta Basin.


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