Thorin Strongbow

A dwarven scout and underground archer


Thorin originally hails from the Dwarven Kingdom far to the North, beyond the Dragon Pillars and the Dragonborn Empire of Kanjiir. There he learned the ways of the scout and the ranger, as well as his deep hatred of orcs.

As the Kingdom sent a colonial expedition into the Lukanta Mountains, Thorin went south as well. He was hired onto the Althierian expedition late, as a tracker and naturalist. Thus far, he has proven adept at doing so, including his skill at archery. Thorin’s ranging abilities also saved the party in navigating the swamp north of Yon Village.

-What drove Thorin into ranging and how did he grow to hate orcs?
-Why did Thorin head south and leave his kingdom?

Thorin Strongbow

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