Southern Lukanta Basin, Below the Mashdi River

A lush lowland between the Lukanta Mountains and the Mashdi River. To the north is Lake Urima and its tributaries. To the Southeast is an unnamed acrid lake. To the south is a savannah surrounding an unnamed jungle.

Most inhabitants of the Lukanta Basin are part of three nomadic tribes. Occasionally, a wandering raider or bandit comes into the basin for an escape or to make camp. Other monsters occasionally venture through as well. Not much is known specifically about the nomads within Althier anymore, beyond their names.

The Ulradan
Live closest to Lake Urima and are the most warlike. They are primarily elves, running and shooting arrows in formation. They primarily use horses as pack animals. They primarily fish the lake or herd goats.

The Zoa
The middle tribe; a mix of elves and humans. They are primarily made up of rejects from the other tribes and are constantly pressured from both. They primarily raise livestock. Cavalry archers are the preferred warriors of the Zoa, but can rarely be fielded due to a lack of horses.

The Iverii
The southernmost tribe, primarily of humans. They are also the most sedentary, even going so far as to the seed farms at the mouth of the Mashdi River. They are primarily humans, fighting on foot or horseback with light cavalry.

As the tribes are primarily unsettled, most of their trade consists of furs, horses, and bone jewelry. Occasionally, bolder nomads will stumble across ancient treasure that is often traded away for tools or other supplies. They have little use for gold or gems, often preferring to barter instead. Inverii, when they settle, will seed crops of rice or other grains.

The tribes are all led by strong warlords, ruling with strength and force of will. The Zoa are almost an exception, preferring to elect their warlord rather than him/her simply taking power.

The Elven Ulradan worship Selune and common Elven deities, though they are not especially pious. The Human Inverii are more religious, often becoming druids or shamans, worshiping nature deities. The Zoa are a mix, but tend towards the shamanistic tendencies of the Inverii.

Disputes between the tribes happen often, usually over land disputes or grass/water rights. The Zoa are often the hardest hit, but wars between all the three are extremely common. Occasionally, tribes will raid across the river, but they maintain little contact with the world outside the Basin.

Chief Orizer the Swiftfooted: Chief of Tribe Ulradan.
Chief Amidi Wolfshowl: The Druidic Chief of Tribe Inverii.
First Rider Opuc Horsemaster: The Chief-Elect of Tribe Zoa.

Southern Lukanta Basin, Below the Mashdi River

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