A broad, stout, powerful veteran


Human Fighter


Boca is a former soldier in the Althierian army, where he served as a camp engineer and his company’s cook. He served in the army through his mid twenties, retiring in search of drink and adventure (the two things he had joined to find). After retiring from the army, he was eventually contracted into the Lukanta expedition.

Boca is largely pragmatic, willing to put himself in danger to defend others, and tries to seek a course of action that protects the well-being of those that cannot protect themselves. He was not afraid to jump into the fray at Abzan Tower, and battled against Ulradran raiders, as well as his own hangover, at Yon Village.

Boca’s first love is probably ale, followed by beer, followed closely by spirits. His great warhammer, Earth Breaker, is probably somewhere in that list as well.

-What has Boca done between his time in the army and his recruitment into the expedition?
-Does Boca have any stories from his military service?


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